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Buying a new thermoforming machine for plastic packaging?

If you are the owner of a thermoforming company and are looking to invest in new thermoforming machines for packaging applications, the choice of brands is immense:

  • You might prefer the German brands like Gabler, Kiefel, Illig because of their reputation and German reliability.
  • You might be looking for a Chinese machine because of the price.

But did you consider buying a machine from one of the most experienced, high tech, machine builders in Turkey?

Thermoforming Turkey

I decided to consider them a serious option because of the ‘value for money’ principle and jumped in a plane to Istanbul to visit Mikformen! Not knowing what to expect, I arrived at their factory in Istanbul. I was immediately impressed by the large and well organised factory that consisted of two parts:

  • One part for the manufacturing of moulds and other tooling
  • One part for the manufacturing of thermoforming machine

Another thing that also immediately surprised me was how quite the factory was, regardless of the fact that two thermoforming machines were being used for test runs. With these high speed machines I feel the noise (less = better) they make, is always a great indicator of how well engineered and set up a thermoform machine is.

Why do business in Turkey?

I was so interested in Turkeys machine builders because:

  • The youngest and fastest growing population in Europe
  • Highly educated (700.000 graduates each year
  • Close proximity to Europe and Asia
  • European business ethics and modern management practices
  • Price

The machines of Mikformen

After having met the management and having discussed their experience, service level, delivery time, price strategy and general business vision, I was becoming very curious to inspect their thermoforming machine close up!

At 65% – 70% the price of the German competitors…how well will these machines perform?

I was impressed!

The machines impressed me! The engineers were operating a few of the machines for a testrun, so I could perfectly see the how the machines worked. I got the chance to see the TM650, TM800, TM900 and TM1000 up close. All parts of the machines were perfectly set up and manufactured by A-brand suppliers:

Thermoform machine part brands.

Controls & Software

The software of the machine was very easy to understand and I was able to control the machine within a few minutes. The set up was completely in English and you could even choose multiple languages if needed. It all felt very intuitive.

Vacuum forming machine roll

Interchangeable moulds

The fact that Mikformen isn’t merely a thermoforming machine builder but also a mould & tool producing company, makes it truly efficient. With their knowledge, experience and facilities they are able to deliver a complete machine within 12 weeks and for an extremely competitive price.

Because of the highly skilled toolmakers they employ, this company can even supply adapters to ensure existing moulds will be interchangeable between their machine and your Illig/Kiefel or GN machine.

Thermoforming Mould factory

Overall conclusion

  • Very friendly people with high regard for business ethics
  • Extremely skilled and experienced employees
  • Well organised service provider
  • Use of A-brand materials
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Customer network all over Europe and USA
  • Quality of machines and moulds is on par with German competitors
  • Able to supply adapters to make moulds interchangeable with current machines

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