Thermoforming machine price calculator

A thermoform machine, a vacuum form machine, a thick sheet machine, a thermoforming machine…whatever you call it; when deciding to buy a new machine you will have to compare a lot of machine manufacturers:

  • Which thermoforming machine offers the best ‘value for money’? Which machine has the most residual value?
  • Which supplier offers the best service? Which machine has the least ‘down time’?
  • Which machine is easiest to operate?
  • Will we add an extra brand to our machine park or stick with our preferred supplier?

All these questions are relevant to a company deciding to purchase a new thermoforming machine but not all answers are easily found. Especially ‘estimated prices’ are difficult to extract from suppliers.

‘What does a thermoforming machine cost?’

At we tried to simplify this part of your search for a new machine; we build an online thermoforming machine calculator. Our calculator provides you with an estimated price for a machine per region of the world.

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