Plastic housings for sensors and electronics

Custom made plastic housings

Batelaan B.V. produces custom made plastic housings, casings and enclosures for electronics and IoT sensors. A combination of thermoforming and CNC routing is used to make the ideal custom create plastic housing.

Based near Amsterdam, this company has proven to provide the best value-for-money products in Europe because of the extreme low cost tooling cost and ‘high mix, low volume strategy’ of their machine park.  They often invest in start-up clients to help them gain traction and offer great service in designing and producing custom casings.

3D design

Before Batelaan produces a serie of products a 3D sketch and a model is made. Normally the custom made plastic housings are made of ABS, PC, PMMA or HPDE depending on the specs.

The engineers will be able to advice different materials and plastic processing techniques during the design process.




Batelaan is a plastic specialist. Using thermoforming, 3D printing and CNC routing they produce plastic housings ranging from 50 to 5.000 pieces. Thermoforming is an ideal technique for less complex plastic products such as trays, housings and displays. Thermoforming is used when high tooling cost are to be avoided and mass production is not an option.

Custom made plastic housing electronics.