Which thermoform machine manufacturers will be attending the plastic K-show this year?

With China and India coming up as reliable machine producing (and designing) countries, the thermoforming market has more options than ever before.

Companies in Asia are no longer just copying western designs but are delivering innovative top quality machines at a fraction of the cost of Western competitors. The quality is often not yet 100% that of Western competitors but at 1/3 the price…. maybe 85% quality doesn’t sound too bad.

How are the traditional thermoform machine manufacturers going to (K)show their customers why they should still buy German, Canadian, American or Italian machines? Will they show some new machines in Dusseldorf?

What are the ‘old challengers’ going to do? How will the machine manufacturers from Turkey, Poland and Spain position themselves? Will they try to compete with ‘the Germans’ for quality or with the Chinese/Indians for price?

Here you can find the list of exhibitors for the K-show 2019. Come to Düsseldorf from 16-23 October to meet all the industrial vacuum forming machines manufactures!